Karen Klassen - Founder of Women Embracing Brilliance

I am inviting 10 incredible women to join me to dive deep and love your mind, body and soul by nourishing yourself in the aura, beauty and luxury of Sedona, Arizona. 

So many women are focused on their jobs or making their family happy.  These are important priorities, however; every woman also needs to make herself a priority. She needs to take a break from the daily grind and step out of her life so she can rejuvenate, relax, and recharge in order to have the energy required to keep moving forward. 

Here is an invitation to say YES to yourself! 

Book Your Sedona Experience Today!

Love & Luxury 4 Day Retreat    

$1,700.00 CDN

 June 8th - 11th, 2017 

We will be flying to beautiful Sedona, Arizona where we will all experience a place that is truly magical.

Your Love & Luxury Experience includes: 

The beautiful and luxurious retreat setting located at the 5 Star Enchantment Resort (15 min from Sedona, Arizona)

Two rounds of golf - 9 holes. This is a fun and non competitive activity for all levels. 

Daily yoga, meditation, walking the trails

Retreat classes are focused on loving your body, relaxing the mind, and nourishing your soul. ​

Two incredible dining experiences - One at the renowned French Restaurant - ​L’Auberge  (see photo below )

A jeep tour of the sacred vortex's Sedona is known for.  

In the evening relax and unwind at the spa with a massage. 

Once you have registered you will receive the itinerary.  Please note: You are responsible for your accommodations, flight, car rental (car pooling recommended), and other meals. The resort is offering a group rate so we do recommend you contact the resort as soon as possible to book your room.  Single and double occupancy available.  

You will be flying into Phoenix, Arizona. You will need to rent a car and drive to Sedona ( 2 hour drive).  Car pooling recommended!  You can contact the resort and book in a day earlier if you like.  

Why do women need to attend retreats? 

  • We need to let go and leave our responsibilities behind. This is where you let go and unplug from problem solving, family challenges, and your cell phone.  This is where you say, "It is time for ME!" 
  • We need to see and learn new things. Retreats are an opportunity for women to go for what they want - some want to push the envelope, some want to lay back and do nothing. Sedona brings something fresh and you will be awakened to a whole new level of yourself. 
  • We need to spend time with women who inspire, encourage and uplift us. I especially enjoy the "women only" space of a retreat.  Women allow themselves to open up and become vulnerable when surrounded with women who they know will support them no matter what.  
  • We need the space to infuse deeper meaning into our lives.  Your life is full of activities from the moment you awaken until you go to sleep. After a soul satisfying adventure, your mind slowed down, your body relaxed and your heart expanded, you will return home a deeply fulfilled woman because you are enriched from the inside out.  The stresses of the year washed away. 
  • Have Fun! As women we need to laugh more, have FUN and let our hair down.  Remember, what happens in Sedona stays in Sedona.. Lol!

You deserve to give yourself a gift! 

Experience  dining at its finest at L'Auberge 

Morning Meditation and Yoga

Your fabulous hostess...

Karen Klassen is Owner of Women Embracing Brilliance. She is dedicated to empowering women, to expand their capacity to receive more love, wellness and prosperity. Karen is also an inspirational speaker, a Certified Facilitator, and a Breakthrough Coach. She is Amazon Bestselling author of two books, Living in the Freedom Frequency and I AM a Brilliant Woman. For the past 10 years she has empowered couples, individuals and business owners to cultivate their brilliance and live the life they dream of from the inside out. From welfare to owning a successful coaching and seminar company, from drug and alcohol addiction to empowerment, from disease to optimal health, and from abusive relationships to a higher love, Karen shares how anyone no matter what they have done, not done or who they are, can spiral up and experience freedom, peace of mind and live a beautiful life. 

See what some women have to say about past retreats with Karen:

"Attending Karen Klassen's, Women Embracing Brilliance Weekend was a divine gift to myself. To listen, to be heard, to be inspired, to revel in stillness, to dance for joy, to connect, to expand, to be BRILLIANT. It was what my heart and soul was looking for. This beautiful weekend will reveal the path to honor and celebrate YOU everyday! " 

Teresa smith

I don't know if I'll be able to sleep tonight!!!

I just attended the Women Embracing Brilliance Retreat with the brilliantly beautiful Karen Klassen...WOW the shifts, sharing, and mad crazy learning that was going on is off the charts AWEmazing!!!!" 

Paula hopwood

Book Your Sedona Experience Today!

Love & Luxury      $1700

 June 8th - 11th, 2017 



We are limiting the number of participants. Reserve your space  to guarantee your involvement. 

Your retreat package includes:  

  • 2 Rounds of 9 hole Golf - non competitive or enjoy massage at Spa
  • All yoga and meditation classes
  • Experience a Sacred Goddess Ritual
  • A  FUN jeep tour of the powerful vortex"s Sedona is known for.  
  • A Fabulous  Dinner at a French Restaurant 
  • A photo shoot  on the Rock
  • A Mexican Feast 
  • A lovely lunch on Friday (on site) 
  • A Delicious Group Breakfast on Saturday  (on site)
  • A Meditation Experience at Cathedral Rock
  • All retreat classes empowering you to be the highest version of yourself in mind, body and spirit. 
  • Relax and have fun at the beautiful -   Enchantment Resort with women who are like minded

    Does not include airfare, accommodations, car rental or other meals. 

      Women Embracing Brilliance Retreat was one of the best experiences of my life and to this day still is a deep well from which I tap into to bring clarity when things get fuzzy, bring calm and serenity when things get hectic and when I feel like I need to stoke my inner fire to ignite new ideas and endeavors. As a presenter I was so honored to share in sacred space with these beautiful women that Karen so magnetically attracted, and as an attendee I was blown open from depth of kindness, compassion and love that was shared among . Karen knows how to create powerful events that encompass opportunity for learning and growth, insights and celebration, ritual and connection..all while making it appear seamless and most importantly making it FUN!!! She gave us permission to honor our needs and take personal time. There was so much opportunity for time in nature, yoga, meditation, celebration, connection and learning. Thank you Karen...I can't wait until the next event. "
      Katharina kunz