One Year Book Publishing Program

In One Year You will be a Bestselling Author with your very own book!

One of the most powerful ways to create positive impact in the world is to share your story and show others how to RISE UP! 

If you have always wanted to write a book about your experiences, or  you just know you have a message you  are here to share with the world.... yet you don't know how to start....  

This is your invitation to become a 

Published Author of your own book

With your Photo on the cover

Do you think others would benefit from the life lessons you have learned? 


Whether you overcame health issues, relationship problems or business challenges we know you have learned a lot. 

People have problems.  You have the answers.

The world is calling for change. You may have the solution!

It is time to find your voice, to rise up and share your story-- to share your empowered story of what it means to be on the other side of crisis or what it means be successful or do what you love!  

It is time for YOU to LET THE WOLRD KNOW who YOU are. ​

Your book will be based on your specialty, your expertise, your life experience, your personality, your style, and your gifts that you are here to share. So together, we create one of the most compelling, honest and authentic sources of advice to empower your niche in the area of your expertise whether it is in business, relationships or health and wellness.   

We have ALL been on an amazing journey and what I love about women is that we may experience great loss, pain and intolerable suffering, yet we get back up, dust ourselves off and start over again more passionately and determined than ever before. 

This is an invitation for YOU to stop procrastinating, stop making excuses and start writing the book you are meant to write.  

So what will this mean for you as a published author?

  • Increase Your Own Publicity - Becoming a Published Author is a powerful way to share your voice and expert advice with others - you become a change agent creating a ripple effect that never ends. 
  • Help You Gain More Clients - Becoming a Published Author means recognition and exposure to your cause.  
  • Asked to speak at conferences. Become a paid speaker!
  • Build Your Platform - There is endless opportunity to evolve your business and begin a career in either coaching, speaking or training  
  • Leave a Legacy - what better way to share your life lessons than in a book for future generations to read and be inspired. 

So What is Included In This Incredible Life-Changing Package?

  • 2 Hour Mastermind Session to formulate your VISION and the next chapter of your life.  
  • ​ A VIP Day with other authors in the group in Canmore to write and share a 15 minute speech on the subject matter of your book. You will have most of the day to sit and write and it is fabulous opportunity to share ideas and connect with others who are writing their book. 
  • Twice a month we meet via Skype or phone for 1 hour with a focus on mentally and emotionally preparing you to be an author/speaker (overcoming any fear, procrastination, overwhelm that may rise up) so you can be the confident author you are meant to be.
  • Keep you accountable to completing your book and stepping into the next chapter of your life. 
  • Together, we clarify what you want your book to be about ( your story or a "The 7 Steps to....") 
  • I support, coach and encourage you to write approximately  25,000 - 33,000 word manuscript within ONE YEAR!
  • Two book cover designs to choose from
  • All editing, formatting and design layout. 
  • Your photo and bio on back cover (or front if you are an expert in your field).
  • Website - 3 Page Professional Author Website to promote your book and you as a speaker ( which you own and have full control of in future) 
  • Professionally Designed Facebook Banner & Social Media Advert With Your Photo & Name On It
  • Access to Templates You Can Just Copy & Paste to Send Out to Your Following via Social Media, Email List.
  • Your book will be for sale online internationally on, and Amazon UK. 
  • Create a 15 Min Talk about about your books message and your passion to create change.   
  • Once your book is published all royalties are 100% YOURS!   You own the BOOK and all the rights!!
  • Your book is showcased on the  Women Embracing Brilliance Resource page and marketed via social media.
  • Give you a script that you can use for International 30 minute Radio Interviews 
  • Book Launch on Social Media
  • Complete Step-By-Step Instructions & Support Leading Up to Launch Day
  • You receive 25 copies of your book.
  • You will be invited to speak at one of my events when you are ready to help expand and increase your exposure.  
  • 2 Tickets to the Women Embracing Retreat
  • Be interviewed on the My Freedom Begins Here Podcast
  • Show you how to sell your book at conferences or speaking events. ($20 - $25/ book is standard)  Example: 50 books at $25 = $1250 - $300  shipping = $950 profit.

Require more answers?

What can I write about?

  • Love & Relationships.   such as your journey to self love, healing intimate relationships, healing parent wounds, the journey of forgiveness (self /men).
  • Purpose or Prosperity - examples are rags to riches story, how you discovered your soul purpose, the feminine model of leadership, valuing ourself in the workplace, marketing and sales strategies, the new era in business, wealth or finances.  
  • Health and Wellness - examples such as how you healed yourself from addictions, what self compassion means, the importance of nutrition, your journey to putting yourself first ,  your path to spiritual wellness, your journey to emotional freedom.

Who will edit my book?

Once your manuscript is received, it is sent to a professional editor.  Please keep in mind you are required to edit your manuscript to the best of your ability. 

Is there a refund if I change my mind?

Yes, we have a money back guarantee. If you change your mind within 30 days of signing up you will receive a full refund. 

Who is Karen Klassen?​

Hello, I am author of the Amazon Bestselling book, Living in the Freedom Frequency and creator of the International Amazon Bestseller series, I AM a Brilliant Woman Book, Founder of Women Embracing Brilliance , and a Breakthrough Coach for Women.  I believe everyone has a story and when you have the courage to share your knowledge, your truth and your experiences in a book you empower the world to rise up!

This is a LIFE CHANGING project that will take your business and your life to the next level and beyond.

As soon as you sign up to this project, I will contact you within 24 hours to set up our first discovery session. 

If you have any questions, please click here 

I look forward to journeying beyond the familiar with you. 

In Gratitude,

Karen Klassen ​

So, What is the Cost - “to be part of this Amazing Life-Changing Opportunity?”

The complete ONE YEAR Publish Your Book Program is customizable!

Remember, this is an investment in you and your future. I empower you to create a profitable business and at the same time empower the world. 

Connect with Karen Klassen to learn more about how to move through the steps with ease and grace and become an Amazon International Bestseller in one year!

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