You are invited to join us at our 4th Annual

Women Embracing Brilliance Retreat

August 2nd - 5th 2018

 In the Canadian Rocky Mountains near Banff, Alberta Canada

The New Era in Feminine Leadership begins with Wellness!

This event is for women who are ready to unplug, rejuvenate & recharge so they can step into their life more empowered, focused and with greater clarity.

Mind, Body & Soul Nourishment

Your feminine wisdom is guiding you to unplug. Now more than ever it is vitally important to take the time to just BE, and NOURISH YOURSELF! Here you can walk the trails, practice yoga, meditate or enjoy a relaxing and rejuvenating spa. 

Here you will connect with other soul inspired women, receive knowledge, tools and practices so you can powerfully step into the next chapter of your life feeling more energized, confident and focused.    

Take the time to unplug so you can be empowered in all areas of your life! 

The Women Embracing Brilliance Weekend was created for women who need a break from it all, are ready to have FUN and at the same time have an opportunity to fuel themselves with higher knowledge, powerful practices and tools to move forward and RECLAIM their life with more determination, commitment and passion than ever before.  

3 Awesome Reasons to Join Us:

Be Inspired

You will enjoy learning from some of the most incredible change agents and thought leaders as they guide you to living with more joy, a greater sense of purpose and fulfillment. 


You may be feeling exhausted, overwhelmed, or frustrated with life. It is so important to STOP and take time out for just YOU and fill your SOUL CUP up to be the best version of yourself.  


Meet women from all over who are like minded and heart centred. You just never know who you will meet and what life changing experience you will have. 

RESERVE your seat TODAY!

Special Price till April 1st or Sold Out!     Value $1400

$397 CDN (plus GST)

* 30 Day Money Back Guarantee! * No refunds after 30 days. You may transfer/donate your ticket to a friend.


* 1 Ticket to All Classes Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday  

* Saturday Night PJ Party 

Does not include airfare, meals, or accomodations 

Note: Once payment received you will receive an email with all the fabulous details.

Executives, successful entrepreneurs, business owners or any woman who is ready to make herself a priority. You will find this space and place extraordinarily refreshing. This retreat is for successful women who need a break from it all, who need to recharge and rejuvenate so she can powerfully step into the next chapter of her life with more ease, grace and fulfillment!

If you enjoy learning through other women while having FUN, you will LOVE this weekend experience!.  Register today and join our group on Facebook. 

Read what past participants had to say...

I don't know if I'll be able to sleep tonight!!!

I just attended the Women Embracing Brilliance Retreat with the brilliantly beautiful Karen Klassen...WOW the shifts, sharing, and mad crazy learning that was going on is off the charts AWEmazing!!!!" ~ Paula Hopwood  

 "Attending Karen Klassen's, Women Embracing Brilliance Weekend was a divine gift to myself. To listen, to be heard, to be inspired, to revel in stillness, to dance for joy, to connect, to expand, to be BRILLIANT. It was what my heart and soul was looking for. This beautiful weekend will reveal the path to honor and celebrate YOU , everyday! " ~ Teresa Smith

Classes Available

Say YES to Your Dreams


Healing Your Body

Reclaiming Your Feminine Power

High Vibrational Foods

Evolution of Relationships 

You Have a Book Inside of You

Find Your Voice 

Living Above the Line


I have chosen a select group of brilliant presenters who will be sharing powerful tools, techniques and practices so you can clear the slate of the past and align with greater health and wellness in mind, body and soul. As you recharge and refuel, you will gain greater clarity and have more courage to step into the next chapter of your life as the brilliant woman you are.  Choose from a variety of classes offered throughout the 3 days. You may attend 3 classes or ALL. The weekend is about CHOICE. When you are not in a class you may take a walk through the grounds, find a quiet spot to write, sleep, meditate, or enjoy a massage at the spa. 

Lena Le Huray

Lena is an Eating Psychology Coach, Fitness Expert and author of the book, Food Rehab for Food Junkies. She received her Personal Trainer Certificate from Mount Royal University in Calgary, and a certificate in Sports and Exercise Nutrition from Precision Nutrition. After working with clients one-on-one for 6 years, she began to realize that the methods she was using with her clients, weren’t helping them gain success long-term in their body or in their health. Struggling with bulimia for nearly a decade, she knew that the issues we have with food have very little to do with the food itself, but more so what has gone undigested and what we haven’t healed from yet. She went back to school to study Nutritional Psychology and obtained her education from The Institute for the Psychology of Eating in Boulder Colorado. Today, Lena is passionate about helping women overcome the unhealthy relationships they have towards food and their body. 

Shawn McIntyre 

Earned, not given. These are the words that Shawn McIntyre lives by, and it is this mantra that has turned him into the multifaceted success that he is today. He is the principal owner of two technology companies that provide innovative services to the insurance industry. Shawn is also an internationally renowned fitness model. He is the current World Beauty Fitness Fashion North American Champion, and placed sixth in the World Competition in Las Vegas. Shawn believes deeply in the intersection of business and fitness. His holistic approach to both aspects of his life have led him to be an effective corporate consultant and fitness trainer, educating his clients on the benefits of physical and mental wellbeing. 

Sandy D'Acey

Sandy began studying Sound Therapy, and discovered the vibrational synergy between voice and sound. She became certified as a practitioner and her clients learn how to bring out their unique sound, with confidence for singing or public speaking. With an understanding of how our minds, emotions and physical well-being can work together, a healthy balance is ideal. As a result of this work, her company Sounds Within was born. She offers a variety of individual and group voice coaching, group sing-a-long events, PLaY WitH YouR VoiCE series, and ‘Petrified to Party’ workshops for speakers or singers. Through VoicePlay, students can reconnect, rejuvenate and engage their unique vocal instrument for health, wealth or self.

Christine Hart

For over 16 years, Christine has been guiding women and men to find, create and build amazing relationships by reconnecting with their authentic selves. She believes deep, powerful relationships are accessible to all of us. Her coaching focuses on getting clear on her client's individual desires and then laying out a plan to successfully reach their goals. Christine has been interviewed by over 200 media outlets and was the dating expert on 13 episodes of the TV Series, Love Trap. She has also created Hart Coaching Academy to mentor and train others to become Dating Coaches. 

Karen Klassen 

Your Hostess for the Weekend - Karen Klassen

Karen Klassen received the Women of Inspiration Game Changer Award. She is Owner of Women Embracing Brilliance and is dedicated to empowering women, to expand their capacity to receive more love, wellness and prosperity. Karen is also an inspirational speaker, a Certified Facilitator, and a Breakthrough Coach. She is an Amazon Bestselling author of Living in the Freedom Frequency and the I AM a Brilliant Woman book series. For the past 15 years she has empowered couples, individuals and business owners to cultivate their brilliance and live the life they dream of from the inside out. From welfare to owning a successful coaching and seminar company, from drug and alcohol addiction to empowerment, from disease to optimal health, and from abusive relationships to a higher love, Karen shares how anyone no matter what they have done, not done or who they are, can spiral up and experience freedom, peace of mind and live a beautiful life.

To learn more about Karen Klassen visit her website ​

Empowering you to be the highest version of YOU!

Read more about what past participants had to say..

A gathering of such warm, loving and open hearted women is the cushion that is created for this wonderful weekend retreat. I learned so much from the sessions and also from each of the beautiful goddesses present. ~ Emmy Seville 

I enjoyed the diversity of the weekend and the common theme flowing from each part, built purer and truer connection opportunities laced with fun and freedom and no pressure. I felt safe and content even as I travelled uncharted emotional landscapes that surfaced. I would attend again and recommend this retreat. Thank you for creating a brilliant experience Karen. ~ Suzette Farah 

Where: Delta Lodge in Kananaskis 

With an incomparable location in gorgeous Kananaskis Village and luxurious accommodations, this resort allows you to experience the best of the Canadian Rockies. Discover nature with hiking, mountain biking, horseback riding, golf or other top-quality outdoor activities only moments away, or indulge in a wide array of on-site resources. Their richly appointed guest rooms and suites offer spectacular mountain views, free Wi-Fi access, plush bedding and more. You can enjoy their relaxing signature spa or cutting-edge fitness center, and five exceptional restaurants. You'll appreciate this resort's stellar location in Kananaskis Village, just a short trip from Banff, Nakiska Ski Resort and other famous Canadian destinations in Alberta. 

Women Just Want to Have Fun!


Bring your jammies for a fun and JOYfilled evening of laughs, dancing, wine bar and door prizes. This is the perfect excuse for ladies to leave their worries at home. Time to re-energize by having some much needed "ME" time with fabulous girlfriends and new friends. 

4th Annual Weekend 2018

When: August 2nd - 5th, 2018

Time: Thursday 6 pm - Sunday  4 pm 

RESERVE your seat TODAY!

Special Price until April 1st or Sold Out

Value $1400​

$397 (plus gst)


* 1 Ticket to All Classes Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday  

* Saturday Night PJ Party 

Does not include airfare, meals, or accomodations 

Note: Once payment received you will receive an email with all the fabulous details.

Any questions please contact Karen Klassen at