One of the most powerful ways to create positive impact in the world is to collaborate with other women by sharing your story ~ your life lessons.

12 Women  12 Stories  1 Book   Global Inspiration!

You have an amazing story. A story of overcoming challenges, setbacks, and making your way to living your life on your terms.

This is your invitation to write a chapter and become a contributing author in the


Volume Three 


Our theme for 2018 ....

Stories of women who have courageously taken off the mask to reveal their true self. 

Do you think other women would benefit from the life lessons you have learned? 


Whether you overcame health issues, relationship problems or achieved a goal, you have incredible life lessons to share. This opportunity is for authors who are on the other side of crisis, on the other side of your challenges and have awakened to who you really are. Maybe the story you are here to share is the one about how you discovered deeper meaning in your life? Your empowered story is what matters.

Many women see themselves as "Average". We were not taught to see ourselves as "brilliant". To shine our light in the world. To recognize our value, our talents let alone tell others about our successes. If we did we were told we were boasting, bragging and in many ways were told to be quiet, to not share our beliefs and if we did not listen,, oh my... we were scolded, threatened (and even burned at the stake in a past life).  

Women are just starting to find their voice. To rise up and share their story. To share the empowered story of what it means to be on the other side of crisis. ​

This book will be born out of the collaboration of 12 amazing and successful women. Each woman contributing one chapter based on her specialty, her expertise, her life experience, her personality, her style, and the gifts she is here to share with other women. So together, we create one of the most complete, honest and authentic sources of advice to empower women in all areas of their life.  

We have ALL been on an amazing journey and what I love about women is that we may experience great loss, pain and intolerable suffering, yet we get back up, dust ourselves off and start over again more passionately and determined than ever before. 

The I AM A BRILLIANT WOMAN book is an invitation for women to share their transformational stories and what you feel women need to know. 

This book will be written by women FOR women who are ready to ignite their own desires, goals, dreams and aspirations.  This book will offer inspirational lessons that will ignite the fire of the reader's heart and empower her to embrace and activate her own inner brilliance. 

Volume One & Volume Two are now an International AMAZON BESTSELLERS!

What our authors had to say

Karen, thank you so much for making my dream of becoming an author a reality. I feel so blessed to be a part of the first, I AM a Brilliant Woman book and be able to inspire other women to say YES to their brilliance. Together, we are changing the world.

Nola Peacock

Being a part of putting together the I Am a Brilliant Woman book has been a huge kickstarter to many of my hopes and dreams becoming a reality.The fact that I was able to write down my story of overcoming and just hand it to Karen for it to get out to the rest of the world took all of the anxiety and stress out of writing. It wasn't important that I knew nothing about book publishing. The process of writing my experiences helped me to relive them in a way where I could see the value of where they have brought me now. When you're going through your storms, sometimes it's hard to see the light. Writing my chapter, Three Times Over, put in perspective all that I've been through and all that I've become, and now I can celebrate that. Karen truly is a catalyst for putting together strong, resilient, brilliant women and I can't thank her enough for doing the work that she does and leading others to do the same!

Misty Wind 
Facebook Care Cuts

Once I said “yes” to being a Coauthor in the I Am A Brilliant Woman book, I then wondered what I would write about! I have essentially had a wonderful life - and yet like every other woman I know - I too have stories to share. I just wasn’t sure if they were “dramatic enough”. What I decided was that stories might be traumatic - but they can also be joyful. They may be difficult or they may be one of your proudest moments of your life. They might cover many years of your life, or just one event. Whatever your story is, I’m sure there are other women in the world that need to hear it and that would be assisted in their own journey by reading about it. Sometimes the smaller stories are the most powerful because more people can relate to them! My story is one of initially getting exhausted because I was trying to be all things to all people. Eventually I made a new choice, and gave myself permission to be guided by what I value and to line up my life to feel more authentic and exciting to me. As I wrote about my story, an amazing thing happened. I was able to see how I was holding on to experiences that happened a long time ago - and that it was time to let them go. Letting them go was critical for me to play a bigger and more fulfilling game in my life. Being a co-author in the first book gave me a framework to use to work through that process. It has been a truly liberating and exciting process. I encourage you to listen to your heart and give yourself this gift! 

Brenda Frame

What a wonderful experience! Being a contributing author in the I am a Brilliant Women book was a a life changing experience. Being able to share my story as a means to bring hope to other women and inspire them in their own lives is a true honour, and privilege. I have been blessed with a new outlook on a lot of things in my own life, and have met some incredible inspiring women along the way. Thank you Karen for your support, and belief, and being the incredible inspiration that you are for bringing this all together! 

Lindsay Martin

I AM a Brilliant Woman." Those words are in writing now, so it surely must make them true! Even writing this testimonial for you to read, and possibility have the opportunity to yourself become a part of this magical experience is awe inspiring for me still. Writing a "book" having had this experience with these amazing women has been a dream come true for me..literally, this goes on my list of some of my greatest achievements and unimaginable, yet always dreamt about and hoped for dreams. If you are reading this, and I do mean that literally, I would bet right now something is tugging at your heart, deep within your guts prompting you too, to also step forward and become a brilliant woman. Take the step, keep moving forward, never look back, and shine bright. 

Vanisha Breault 

"There is a magic in writing down the stories and feelings that we often have about ourselves and our life experiences. There is a miracle that occurs when those same stories have an impact on someone whose life was changed for the better after reading them. "I am a brilliant woman" provided a platform for me for healing. Through my words my pain took on a different meaning. Writing my chapter in this book allowed a healing like no other I had tried. It was the first time that I told my story from a place of strength instead of from my place of vulnerability and emotion. I finally understood the divine purpose for this terrible experience was bigger than I could have known at the time it was happening. My story has touched many people and changed many lives. And, for that same reason....your story is worth writing too!". 

Sarah Gleeson

So what will this mean for you as a published author?

  • Increase Your Own Publicity - Becoming a Published Author is more than a way to share your voice and expert advice with others, you become a change agent creating a ripple effect that never ends. 
  • Help You Gain More Clients - Becoming a Published Author means recognition and exposure to your cause. 
  • Build Your Platform - There is endless opportunity to grow within I AM A BRILLIANT WOMAN and you will become a part of a global movement. By ourselves we can make a stand, or we can stand together and move mountains.
  • Leave a Legacy - what better way to share your life lessons than in a book for future generations to read and be inspired. 

So What is Included In This Incredible Life-Changing Package?

  • A 2,000 Word Chapter in the Book 
  • All Your Links & Bio Printed after Your Chapter
  • Your Name Printed on the Back Cover Listed Under "Contributing Authors"
  • Professionally Designed Facebook Banner & Social Media Advert With Your Photo & Name On It
  • A Launch Video For Marketing the Book
  • Access to Templates You Can Just Copy & Paste to Send Out to Your Following via Social Media, Email List.
  • You Appear on the  Women Embracing Brilliance Global Book Web page
  • Access to a Private Community Where You Meet the Rest of The I AM A BRILLIANT WOMAN Authors
  • Access to our Online Group Coaching Session to clarify any questions you have about your chapter. 
  • Complete Step-By-Step Instructions & Support Leading Up to Launch Day
  • Final editing of your chapter. 
  • You receive 10 copies of the I AM A BRILLIANT WOMAN.
  • Invitation for you and 10 friends to attend the Book Launch Celebration Party ( we had over 100 people attend both book launches. ) 

Here's What I Need From You to Make This Project a Success..

This project is a collaboration, and it will take all of us to pull together to make it a major success. Which means it will be a joint venture all the way through to launch day. It takes teamwork to make the dream work, and if we all work from a place of love and place our souls into this we will reap the rewards of success. So, if you are ready and willing and know that you can commit to:

  • Writing a 2,000 word chapter and submitting by January 30th, 2018 
  • Writing a 150 word bio with a link to your website. 
  • Send us the photo of your choice, so it can appear on our marketing material. 
  • Clarify how you want your name printed on the back of the book
  • Being prepared to be there for launch day to work as a team & do what it takes to make this book a success
  • Take full responsibility to be present in the private Facebook group and be involved in what is happening
  • Commit to your investment.


So, What is the Cost - “to be part of this Amazing Life-Changing Opportunity?”

I do everything from creation, editing, formatting, publishing, marketing, to making this book an Amazon Bestseller to having a FUN Book Launch Party where your family and friends can celebrate YOU!!  All you do is write your chapter.  If you have never written before I have also included a package of private coaching sessions so you feel confident in which story to write about.  

There Are Two Options to Committing to This Wonderful Opportunity

Author Investment

$1500 + gst

Pay via Paypal or Credit Card

Includes One Group Online Clarity Coaching Session 

Author Investment including 2 Private Coaching Sessions

 $1900 plus GST

Receive more clarity on what to write and guidance in creating your chapter.

Note: Once payment received you will receive an email with all the fabulous details.

Require more answers?

Below are frequently asked questions and answers to help you in making your decision to join us today. 

Why Co-author and not write my own book?

Writing your own book can take months, even years. When you co-author you are only responsible for one chapter. This takes the pressure off especially for first time writers. Click here to view a write up in the Huffington post about Why you Should Co-author.

What can I write about?

Your chapter is your journey of how you got from where you were to where you are now.  Within your chapter you will share your biggest challenge in either one of three categories:  

  • Love & Relationships.   such as your journey to self love, healing intimate relationships, healing parent wounds, the journey of forgiveness (self /men).
  • Purpose or Prosperity - examples are rags to riches story, how you discovered your soul purpose, women's leadership, the path to valuing your gifts, or the challenges you overcame in becoming successful.
  • Health and Wellness - examples such as how you healed yourself from addictions, what self compassion means, the importance of nutrition, your journey to putting yourself first ,  your path to spiritual wellness, your journey to emotional freedom.

Who will edit my chapter?

Once all the chapters are received, we will be sending the book to a professional editor.  Please keep in mind you are required to edit your chapter as to the best of your ability. 

What are the royalties of selling my book?

Royalties of the book are offered in two choices.  ONE: Buy your books at wholesale through me (approx $5 per book) and whatever you sell your books for at retail value ($20 ) is yours to keep. TWO: Books sold via Women Embracing Brilliance website, all royalties are given to the charity that is posted on the website for that year. 

And you could TRIPLE the return on your investment with selling wholesale copies from your website, building your platform. Being published author is always a Win-Win situation.

What if I want to make changes to my chapter?

If you have submitted your chapter and you want to make changes to your chapter, you will be receiving all the information once you have reserved your chapter and payment is processed. You will receive a link to the form "Chapter Changes". As long as your revisions are submitted by deadline your changes will appear in the final editing. 

Is there a refund if I change my mind?

Yes, we have a money back guarantee. If you change your mind within 14 days of signing up you will receive a full refund. Please read guarantee below. 


You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If for any reason you change your mind and no longer wish to be in the project within 14 days of signing up you will receive a full refund. However, please understand that after 14 days of signing up this guarantee will be void and no longer available. 

When is the final date to reserve my chapter? 

All author chapters must be reserved no later than November 15th, 2017! Of course, this is first come first serve.  There are only 12 chapters. Once they are gone that is it! 

When will the book launch be?​

Our book launch Celebration will be JUNE 2018 (exact date to be announced). We will also have a social media launch where you can send out a post to all your friends. Date to be announced once you have reserved your chapter. 

JOIN US and together we change the world for the better! 

Author Investment


Pay via Paypal or Credit Card

Includes One Group Online Clarity Coaching Session 

Author Investment including 2 Private Coaching Sessions

 $1900 plus GST

Pay via Paypal or Credit Card

Receive more clarity on what to write and guidance in creating your chapter and  preparing for what is next.  

Note: Once payment received you will receive an email with all the fabulous details.

Who is Karen Klassen?​

Creator of  Three Amazon Bestsellers!

Hello, I am author of the Amazon Bestselling book, Living in the Freedom Frequency and creator of the I AM a Brilliant Woman book series. I am Founder of Women Embracing Brilliance , the Purse Angel Project and a Breakthrough Coach for Women.  

This is a collaboration project that I have wanted to create for some time to help you become visible and be recognized as the BOLD and BRILLIANT woman  you are.  

As soon as you sign up to this project, we will contact you within 24 hours and then place you in a private Facebook Group where the journey of our book begins to start taking shape.  

If you have any questions, please click here 

I look forward to journeying beyond the familiar with you. 

In Gratitude,

Karen Klassen ​