Our Vision

Our Vision over the next five years is to positively impact the lives of ONE MILLION women by empowering them to embrace and stand in their boldness, brilliance and beauty.

Our Mission is to inspire,encourage and celebrate every woman’s voice, gifts, purpose and passion through our membership, resources, blog, events and empowerment programs.

We are experiencing a metamorphosis in our society as we shift from into balance of masculine and feminine power . Culturally, we have misplaced our feminine power having to exert our own masculine energy in business. For women to own and express their power they need to be centered in their own being of feminine energy. It is here women remember how to connect to their authentic voice, discover their inner power, create fulfilling relationships and live their beautiful life.

We are here to guide and serve women as they step into their authentic expression and listen to their heart’s calling.

Our vision is to empower women in three categories;

Love & Relationships   *   Health and Wellness   *   Prosperity

Our Values: Integrity. Being of Service. Truth. Love. Sustainability

Being of Service: Giving from the heart because we want to not because we have to is the key to living a rewarding and fulfilling life. 

Integrity: Women Embracing Brilliance recognizes the importance of conducting business with the utmost in integrity. We will give proper credit to others for their contributions. We will accept full responsibility for our own actions. We will promote ethical best business practices and of course will only create and play with others who show up in the fullness of integrity.

Truth: Where every woman is given an opportunity to be heard and express their truth. We promise that all business conducted through Women Embracing Brilliance and Imagine Seminars is true to ourselves and to others.

Love: Where every woman is seen and acknowledged for the divine feminine within and experience a greater love and support than she has ever known. We promise to be force for love, peace and freedom for all.

Sustainability: We only promote products and services that are for the highest good of all concerned and honour our mother earth.

Together, we can accomplish anything.

In Love and Gratitude,

Karen Klassen