About the Founder

Karen Klassen,

Founder of Women Embracing Brilliance /Breakthrough Coach/Speaker 

Karen’s Message to Women

As Founder of Women Embracing Brilliance I am thrilled you are here.

I would like to take an opportunity for you to get to know me and why I created this global community for women.

I live my life in pursuit of integration, balance and service to others. I am a visionary, constantly creating, constantly transforming and constantly opening my eyes to new possibilities.

To give you a little bit of my background…I am an inspirational speaker, a Certified Facilitator, an Breakthrough Coach for Women,  author of Living in The Freedom Frequency and creator of the I AM a Brilliant Woman Book Series.  

I have not always seen myself as a brilliant woman. In fact, I saw myself as just the opposite of brilliance. I thought brilliance belonged to those who had a Master’s Degree or those who were miraculously born with a genius gene. I suffered from low self esteem most of my life. After graduating high school and knowing I could not afford to further my education I lost myself in a world of drugs and alcohol as I attempted to escape the depression I was feeling.

Feeling lonely and desperate for some kind of security, I married a man who I thought was my knight in shining armour and instead showed up as emotionally abusive. I cried myself to sleep every night thinking, “Is this all there is to life?” Suppressing my true feelings and living a toxic lifestyle my physical body suffered and I manifested chronic back pain, IBS, addictions, TMJ, allergies, anorexia, depression, and scoliosis. My doctors told me that if I did not change my lifestyle I would be dead by the time I was thirty.

Thankfully, I had the courage to get a divorce. What would happen next was a miracle. Now in my late twenties, I experienced a profound spiritual awakening which changed the course of my life forever. I embarked on a journey beyond the familiar as I deepened into a spiritual practice of meditation, self reflection and a divine love I had never known before. Instead of seeking love outside of myself I began to explore and transform my inner worlds and it was here I discovered my brilliance, a brilliance that lies within every woman.

I began to become aware of my own feminine power and the importance of honouring my emotions, disciplining my mind, nurturing my physical body and developing my soul.

It has taken many years of self devotion, discipline and study to walk the path I am now on. I have completely transformed my life from limitation to abundance, disease and illness to optimal health, from loneliness to knowing I am connected to all of life.

Everything I have experienced was for my own awakening of my brilliance, the light within that holds the key to all my creativity, my wisdom, my self expression and divine feminine power.

It has been through women, the voices of women, the stories of women, the nurturing of women and the support of women that has empowered me to be the brilliant woman I am today.

I knew something within was calling to me, to be birthed through me….I never knew what that was until my brilliant friend Janice came into my life and gave me the most wonderful gift… the name and direction which says it all.

Women Embracing Brilliance was launched in Calgary, Alberta, Canada on October 27, 2010. A powerful event that brought brilliant women together to celebrate themselves, each other and their incredible journey. (see videos of past events)

Women Embracing Brilliance was created to celebrate, give recognition and acknowledgement for all you have been through, for all that you have accomplished and for the woman you are right now.

Our vision over the next five years is to positively impact the lives of ONE MILLION women by empowering them to embrace and stand in their boldness, brilliance and beauty.

How? When one woman embraces her brilliance her energy signature radiates out and has the power to plant a seed in 100 women. A seed of self love, courage, inner strength and brilliance will crack open igniting the light within and then these women radiate a life force energy that contributes to the evolution of humanity.

By empowering women and holding them accountable to living their dream, to stepping up and finding their voice and saying yes to their passion and soul inspired purpose we effect change on this planet. Our Live Events, Workshops and Coaching programs guide each woman step by step to embracing their brilliance.

I invite you to come and celebrate who you are as a woman, your journey and of course, to meet and connect with brilliant women of the world.

I am committed to supporting and working with women who committed to living the highest version of who they are, their Brilliant Self. All of our events, courses and coaching programs are designed to empower you in embracing and activating your feminine power by clarifying what you want, finding your voice and making the choice to live a high vibrational life. 

In the Spirit of Oneness,

Karen Klassen

Founder of Women Embracing Brilliance and Breakthrough Coach for Women