The Truth About Cancer


One of the best reminders I received from Tony Robbins last week at his 4 day Unleash the Power Within is to DETOX the body. Our body becomes dis-eased when we have an overload of toxic energy in our system. The 3 ways to stay healthy are:
1) Oxygenate – Exercise
2) Drink lots of water
3) Detox
Tony said, there are only two types of Cancer – canSURVIVE or canTHRIVE!! LOVE it!! As you know I am all about THRIVING in life.. to go beyond simply surviving.. Many years ago when I was living in Australia for 6 months, I was told by a doctor (who had left the western world of medicine to open her own naturopathic clinic in Melbourne) that I had ovarian cancer AND she also told me because of the deep emotional work I had already done, that I could HEAL it.. (now that is my kind of doctor).. I knew I could.. and I did.. it wasn’t easy. Those 6 months were emotionally painful as I began to acknowledge and heal my very angry, raging Feminine Self and release the emotional heavy energy I had suppressed in my lower chakras. (my book The Journey to Enlightened Love will be available next year…and I share my many profound awakening experiences in detail.)

Every spring, my beloved Alan and I go on a cleanse.. we live very healthy lives to begin with because we love our bodies – the temple of our soul. And we know that in order for us to do the great work we do, which is rooted in our soul purpose, health must be our foundation. Now we love our wine and great food and know everything in moderation is key.
When you click on the link here…

Click on this link to discover a great resource.. THE TRUTH ABOUT CANCER  It is the Best!! I subscribed a year ago and when you click on the link you will be taken to the 11 Best Essential Oils for Detoxing!  Not only do I believe we can heal our body I KNOW we can!! I have healed myself of chronic back pain, scoliosis, depression, addictions, allergies, chronic fatigue, IBS and more…

And this post is divinely timed as essential oils are so powerful in detoxing the body.  Click on the link is very insightful..If you are interested in buying any oils, let me know. I use Young Living Essential Oils for myself and they are the best!

It is Your time to THRIVE ladies!!

In Gratitude,

Karen Klassen, Founder of Women Embracing Brilliance

Karen Klassen

Karen Klassen is an Empowerment Coach and Founder of Women Embracing Brilliance. Karen guides and prepares women to expand their capacity to receive greater health, wealth and love by embracing the highest version of who they are.

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