An Introduction to Meditation

Why meditate?

The benefits are many and on many levels: meditation helps with quieting busy mind, stress release, relaxation, decreasing anxiety, strengthening of immune system, accessing the states of deep peace, contentment and joy, improving energy level, better focus, ability to tap into your intuition and many more. I recently came across an article that lists 76 benefits of meditation confirmed by scientific studies – so glad that spirituality and science are coming together!

But to me the most profound benefit (which I guess lay at the core of all the above) is the ability to pause and connect to yourself at the much deeper level than your mind would ever let you to. I would say it allows you to connect to your inner sense of self, and as you go deeper – to the source of your existence. And that connection satisfies the greatest need within us – the need to belong. The need to feel safe, loved and supported.

But you start slow – by pausing and recognizing that there actually is an inner landscape, the inner sense of self – by learning how to shift your focus and turn it inwards… That’s where I find good guided meditations are very helpful – going from active busy mind to a complete stillness and silence is often too big of a step, turning it into exercise in frustration. By guiding a meditation, facilitator creates a container (both energetically and with their voice) making it much easier for you to explore within. The same way you would probably feel more comfortable and enjoy yourself more exploring new city with a knowledgeable tour guide than on your own.

That said, it is my pleasure to invite you for a guided exploration of your inner landscape.


About Yana

When you know how to connect to underlying essence of life and stay connected, you access peace, fulfillment and inspiration beyond what you ever imagined is possible. Yana helps her clients to re-connect to the true nature of their Being, which is beyond the suffering, the challenges and the stories we’re consistently telling ourselves.

Yana is a transformational coach and workshop facilitator passionate about empowering women and helping them to move through transition in their life, career or relationship with maximum ease and grace possible.

She is a certified meditation facilitator and a long-time qi-gong practitioner, deeply interested in exploring and maximizing human potential and experiencing true meaning of life.  Yana is also a certified accountant with over 18 years of successful international corporate career in financial services and  a mother of two active boys.

Such a diverse background allows Yana to combine spirituality, intuition and guided meditations with systematic step-by-step approach to support her clients in releasing overwhelm,  gaining confidence and creating more fulfilled and joyful life.

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