5 Things you need to Know Before Lying About Your Looks on Dating Apps

In a sea of singles, how can you stand out from the other fish? These days, people rely on filters and fancy camera angles to tailor-design their best look. Yet, the harsh truth is that lying will not improve your chances of finding a relationship and will ultimately just waste the time and energy of the person who was tricked into pursuing you… Yes, tricked! Here’s 5 reasons why you should always be your true self when dating online.

  1. You’ll Scare Them Away

Some people believe a lie can be made with “good intentions” because they want their date to see the best version of themselves. In turn, people may post an old picture or fib about their measurements, hoping their date can look past a few flaws and eventually see how great and special they are. Wrong! Love doesn’t work this way—not if it starts out as trickery and deceit. In the end, not only will your date be annoyed, they may also be completely creeped out by your dishonesty.

  1. The Initial Attraction Will Not be Real

What’s the point of enhancing your profile to get more dates if you’re not genuinely attractive to them? You shouldn’t want anyone to want you based on a lie or a sense of attraction that doesn’t truly exist. It’s like living in your own alternative universe based on your own falsehoods and imagination. Once again, love will not happen this way.

  1. The Date Can Get Awkward… Fast

Many people report experiences where they went on a date through an online dating app, only to realize that their date lied about height or body type—apparently 5’9 can mean 5’1!? And what do you think they did? Most regretfully stayed for an hour or dashed. These accounts may sound shallow and harsh, but the ugly truth is that you cannot charm someone into liking you after deceiving them online. If the date becomes short-lived or just super uncomfortable, you know the reason.

  1. You’re on the Wrong App

If you’re cruising for dates on Tinder and feel pressure to look like sex candy, maybe you’re just using the wrong app. Many of these shallow hookup apps tend to prioritize appearances over common values and deep-level attraction. On the other hand, apps like Lunchmeet or Whowinkedme are more geared toward creating matches based on a broader set of criteria. So, perhaps it’s time to stop pretending you’re anyone other than yourself.

  1. You Prevent Yourself From Making Real Positive Changes

If you feel pressured to misrepresent yourself online, you may have to start rethinking whether you’re applying the right approaches to make yourself attractive in real life. Are there some changes that could be made to make you feel more confident about your personal attractiveness? This suggestion is not to imply that you need to fit a cliché or standard of desirability. But, you may want to consider making some healthy and invigorating improvements, so you can feel like a stronger candidate for online dating.

Ultimately, you want to be pursued, while knowing you’re being true to yourself. This way, you’ll know that the attraction is mutual and real. The whole dating process should be upfront and truthful. After all, the most hopeful start to a new relationship is when it begins with honesty and nothing less.

Rachel Mara is a lifestyle writer, specializing in dating, nightlife and fashion. Her articles have been featured in Huffington Post, Your Tango and Life Hacker.

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