You are not a bitch. You are not a cougar.

You are a brilliant woman! 

It is time to find your voice,  reclaim your feminine power and  live a fulfilling and prosperous life. 

Brilliance: radiating a high degree of light (love).

Karen Klassen, Your Breakthrough Coach to Love & Prosperity

Do you need MORE help & support? If you are ready to live above the line and experience more love and appreciation in your relationship or direction and prosperity in your business, let me know.

Struggle is unnecessary. Check out how you can work with ME, just YOU & I to get to the bottom of what’s going on in your world and helping you to develop your dream life.

You are not average. You are here to.... 

BE BOLD  and have the courage to follow your dreams and express what you believe in.  No more hiding!

EMBRACE YOUR  BRILLIANCE - You are here to align with your soul purpose, the reason you came to this planet in the first place and share the GIFT of YOU! 

LIVE A BEAUTIFUL LIFE  which is all about loving yourself fully & being loved for who you are. 

The Brilliant Woman Declaration

I, (Your Name) make the brilliant heart commitment that from this moment forward, I will never degrade, gossip, cut down, name call or say mean or spiteful words to or about another woman. She is my sister and is a reflection of who I am. I love myself way too much to speak negatively about others. And so it is.

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